Stay in Touch!

However long you are going for – a week or a few months, for business or for pleasure, you are bound to need to make a phone call at some point. Public phones are not always readily available and inconvenient, plus they do not allow for family back home stay in contact with you.

Fortunately you have a number of options now available to you when it comes to mobile phones.

Providing your British phone is a ‘tri-band’, your phone will work in the USA.

Contact your UK mobile network provider to ensure your mobile phone is enabled for international roaming, and that you know how to use it!
Do this well in advance of your departure date, as it can take up to 14 days to activate, and you can’t do it from overseas.

Some mobile services offer international traveller services giving cheaper calls abroad in return for a monthly fee. Check with your network provider what the costs are and how long you would be committed to paying for the service.

It is usually cheaper to use an alternative local SIM card in your phone. These are widely available in most cities.

If you are using your own network provider’s pre-paid service, make sure you know how to top up your credit while you are away.

Put important telephone numbers into your mobile, including the British Embassy or Consulate, emergency contact details and the numbers you might need to cancel a credit card or make an insurance claim. It may also be helpful to enter the number of your hotel or car-hire company incase you need to change your plans at short notice.

Don’t forget to take an electrical adaptor for your phone’s charger plug!

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