If you need a doctor, look up ‘Physicians and Surgeons’ or ‘Clinics’ in the Yellow Pages. You will have to pay, in advance, a consultation fee of between $50 to $100, but this is still cheaper than going into hospital. Remember to keep all receipts for insurance purposes so that you may reclaim your expenses.

For Emergency Services, the telephone number is 911. You will receive immediate treatment if you need it, but you will be expected to settle any fees later.

US laws are tighter on medicines than in the UK. For example, many basic painkillers that are freely available in the UK can only be acquired with a doctor’s prescription. If in doubt, ask for advice from the pharmacy department in any drugstore.

European travellers do not need any inoculations before travelling to the US, but make sure you are up to date on routine immunizations, including tetanus -diptheria, measles, chicken-pox and influenza.

There are some other dangers to be aware of:

Heat/Sunstroke – Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm and drink plenty of water. If you suffer from any of the symptoms – nausea, headache or light-headedness – then move into the shade, or better still, get to an area with air conditioning to cool down.

Jet- Lag– This occurs when a long flight crosses more than one time zone. The main symptoms are fatigue and loss of appetite. Once you reach your destination, adjust your habits immediately to the local time. Do some light exercise and try not to nap.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – This has been linked to long haul flights. Sitting still for a long period of time reduces circulation in the legs, which can in turn lead to blood clots. Symptoms usually include pain, swelling and warmth. DVT is quite rare, and you can reduce the risk even further by walking up and down the aisle and flexing the leg and arm muscles. Those at higher risk include diabetics, pregnant women and overweight passengers.

If you are worried about your health, speak to your GP. For more advice, visit

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