Personal Assist

Do you ever wish you had your own Personal Assistant with you on your travels – Well now you can!

Personal Assist offers services 24 hours a day, seven days a week in all major languages! There are no recordings; you speak to a live operator. It’s simple you just need to purchase your annual membership card which allows you to access all the services provided by Personal Assist.

With immediate access to information on convenience services, from hotels and restaurants to petrol stations and golf courses, you will waste no time! Don’t miss that vital meeting – get directions to any location. Discover what the weather forecast will be and receive accurate information on any flight. With immediate access to local emergency services you can concentrate on the important things!

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Travelling with a Laptop

When travelling anywhere on business, there is usually a strict schedule, so time is of the essence. Therefore, being able to work on the plane and in your hotel room is vital. Here are a few tips on how to make life a bit easier when travelling with a laptop and other expensive equipment:Try to disguise the fact that you have expensive items by subtly concealing them in your luggage. Remember, thieves operate all over the world, so be on your guard.
Do not put your laptop through the x-ray. Ask a guard to check it personally to save any important information being lost.
Do not store your computer in the overhead locker, as it can become dislodged whilst on the move. Keep it under the seat in front of you.
Travel with extra batteries and check with the hotel that it has modems to allow you to carry out your work.

Saving Time

With delays and time zone differences, it can be a bit of a rush once you touch down. Try taking a piece of carry-on luggage only so that you don’t waste time waiting for suitcases being unloaded at the other end, or worse, find out that it has been lost. Sometimes business travellers are permitted to take on two pieces if they haven’t checked anything into the main compartment.

Try to avoid peak times by flying mid-week and in the middle of the day where possible. This should help you to avoid the screaming children and chatty tourists, which will allow you to get a bit of sleep or do some work.

Stress and Concentration

If you have deadlines to meet, try to arrange a room on your hotel’s business floor, if they have one, so as not to be disturbed.

Take advantage of what is on offer in the way of fitness facilities, as this is known to combat stress.

Try to eat the healthy options at meal times and stay away from alcohol and caffeine. Together with some sleep, you should be on top form for your meeting.

If the conference or meeting is at a suitable time, make a weekend of it and see if you can bring along your partner. This will give you a couple of enjoyable days to look forward to once you have slaved away during the week.

Following the Rules

Make sure that you have full understanding of the company’s policy before you embark on your trip. There may be separate rules for different colleagues with regards to Business Class, accommodation and simple dress code.

Be prepared to have to pay for expenses up front if you do not have a company credit card. You may not be re-imbursed for some time, so make sure your limit is sufficient.

Check details of any meetings the night before and change your alarm clock so there is no confusion with time changes etc.

Finally, if it is a conference you are attending, your company has supposedly sent you as they believe it will be beneficial, so make the most of it. Make an effort with colleagues and with other businesses, as networking is your future.

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