Below are some of the biggest and most popular National Parks:

Death Valley, CA
Hot dramatic desert and unique ecology.

Yellowstone, WY
Boiling mud-pools and hundreds of geysers.

Biscayne, FL
A water wonderland filled with tropical splendor

Everglades, FL
Spot alligators and crocodiles in the steamy swamps.

Grand Canyon, AZ
A truly magnificent canyon.

Yosemite, CA
Sheer granite-walled valley, waterfalls and alpine meadows.

Haleakala & the Big Island Volcanoes, HI
Explore craters and lava flows.

Rocky Mountains, CO
Majestic snow-topped mountains soar into the blue Colorado sky.

Great Smoky Mountains, TN
Thick forests, and an abundance of wildlife. See if you can spot a bear!

The sheer size of the United States means it is a veritable wonderland of changing scenery and climates, ranging from lush rainforests to desert plains, from soaring mountains to palm-fringed beaches.

America takes great pride in the preservation of its natural resources. In-fact, it was one of the first nations to recognise that areas of outstanding natural beauty need to be protected so that as many people as possible can enjoy them.

The National Parks Service is the federally funded agency that is responsible for this.

The NPS also manages sites of historical importance, including battlefields, cemeteries and buildings, but their most important work is arguably the conservation of America’s many unique geographical features and areas of un-spoilt wildlife.

The parks range in size from 40 sq miles to 1300 sq miles. Depending on the size and nature of each site, there will be an information or visitors centre to offer advice on how best to plan your visit. This includes the different ways to explore the park, from short walks to overnight canoeing and camping expeditions. Often you’ll find these centres have interpretive and educational exhibits.

Many of the bigger parks provide an extensive range of programmes including living history dramas, guided hikes, campfire talks, and seasonal festivities. There is usually a variety of accommodation options, both in and outside of the park. If you are thinking of staying overnight inside, you are likely to need a permit. These aren’t expensive but it is essential to book in advance.

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