Visiting USA

Everything about the United States of America is big. From the size of the country itself to well known things like food, sports and cars, the USA is certainly the best place to go for a super sized holiday. There really is something for everyone, so whether you’re looking to visit the most famous cities, theme parks, shopping malls or become one with nature in the great outdoors, now is the time to book those cheap flights. America really is a phenomenal holiday destination.


The USA is located slap bang in the middle of North America and takes up most of the continent. Made up of 50 different and unique states, the country borders Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. It also shares coasts with the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Pretty much every type of landscape can be found in the States, from the Rocky Mountains to the Mojave Desert, the Great Plains to the volcanic Yellowstone National Park and of course the miles and miles of sandy beaches in sunshine states like California and Florida. Diverse is an understatement when it comes to American geography- you’d need 3 lifetimes to experience it all.

In terms of climate, the USA is incredibly variable and weather characteristics differ from state to state. For instance Nevada is baking hot, while Alaska is freezing cold, for the most part. There is a certain tropical feel to southern areas, particularly Florida and of course in the Hawaiian Islands. While most popular tourist areas are pleasant and warm during peak season, generally summer, don’t be surprised if heavy rain suddenly starts pouring as that’s just the way it is!

It’s no surprise that tourism is a big business in America. With such a huge amount of things to see and do it’s certainly a good excuse to plan a visit. Literally millions of international visitors flock to the States every year, and even more Americans travel internally. The USA is just awesome in every respect, whether it’s culture, history, natural beauty, entertainment or shopping. While airport security may have been increased massively in recent years, once you make it past immigration, the country opens up and welcomes you in.


For holidaymakers from the UK, some of the most popular destinations include Los Angeles, New York, Orlando and Las Vegas. But there are thousands of other places that have amazing things to offer. These main locations are on the map for simple reasons though – they are all about having a good time. From cruising through Beverly Hills or visiting Hollywood attractions in LA to hitting the casinos in Vegas or even catching a show on Broadway or shopping on Fifth Avenue in NYC, there is enough to keep you busy for weeks.

Florida is probably the most well known destination for family holidays due to a wonderful climate in the summer. Orlando is where most of the action happens thanks to all the theme parks like Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens; the Kennedy Space Centre is also only a short drive away. There’s plenty to keep children and adults entertained, but getting a ‘FastTrack’ ticket is by far the best way to go. While it’s not the ‘real’ America, such vacations are certainly incredible experiences that you won’t forget any time soon!

washington-dcThere are many other places that are off the ‘tourist trail’ but nonetheless worth a visit. Washington DC is the capital of the USA and is full of history and breathtaking monuments. Chicago is a classy town known for being friendly and full of life, and all those classic TV fans will love what Dallas has to offer. The bottom line is that anyone can have a good time in the USA no matter where you go.

For such a young country, American culture has become world renowned and embraced by many in a comparatively short space of time. From sports like baseball and ‘football’ to the distinctly unique cuisine of McDonalds, and even TV , shows like Friends or Cheers, everyone knows something about the USA and is hugely keen to experience it for real. It’s all fast, fun and fabulous to just go with the flow and take in as much as you can, whether it’s a huge piece of delicious steak, a ride in a Cadillac, a soaking as Niagara Falls or a lesson on how to lasso cattle from a cowboy!

Yes, America is the land of plenty and where dreams are made, and it’s certainly true for people from the UK as the pound to dollar exchange rates are generally very favourable. This means you can get more holiday for less money, or pick up some almighty bargains in the shops. In terms of accommodation the US is just excellent; it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to stay in an expensive luxury hotel, a cheaper hotel or even a motel, there’s a phenomenal amount of choice. All inclusive resorts such as those at Disney are popular, but so is renting a private villa for the duration. With money on your side, anything is possible and you can make your American dream a reality!

With such a vast number of destinations available, flight times from the UK can vary from 6 to 12 hours depending if you have to stop over a route or not. Yes there are more security checks these days and it can turn into quite an ordeal, but that’s just how it is and is not likely to change. To get through it without any trouble, just follow the rules! The best way to get around in the USA is certainly by car and there’s a plethora of hire companies available. Most are right there at the airport so it’s easy and you’ll be on the road in no time. Public transport is also widely available, but to see the most, it’s all about cars.

The bottom line is that America is a huge country both in terms of size and personality. There’s so much to do. 1 trip isn’t enough and you’ll want to return time and time again. With each state having its own character, getting out and explore should be high on the agenda. Whether you want to relax by the pool or at the beach, visit all the theme parks, take in city life or experience the great outdoors, there’s no better place than the USA!