Ski Resorts

Ski resorts are a popular vacation spot in the winter time, and plenty of ski enthusiasts flock to the top resorts each year. Ski resorts combine first-class scenery with excitement and relaxation for an experience that will thrill vacationers. These resorts are enjoyed by skiers and snow boarders, as well as observers.

The U.S. alone boasts of multiple ski destinations. The state of Colorado is one of the most popular and more affordable places for ski enthusiasts. The majestic Rocky Mountains make skiing and snow boarding accessible to the snow bound who are just learning a sport. Don’t be fooled, as there are plenty of difficult trails for the more experienced. There are enough ski resorts that you can be choosy about what you are looking for. Some offer hotel accommodations on site while others are more intended for a day jaunt.

rocky mountains

Lake Tahoe in Nevada claims first class skiing and luxury accommodations. Some say there are resorts at Tahoe with more difficult ski trails than in Colorado, but there are arguments on both sides. The amazing snow-covered peaks have been the setting for several movies and are stereotyped for being the more popular place for the rich and famous to visit.

Lake Tahoe

Many other states offer skiing as well, including states many people would not consider snow sport-friendly. Southwestern states such as Arizona and New Mexico have first-class ski resorts. Taos and Sante Fe in New Mexico are famous destinations. California, particularly the northern half, also lays claim to amazing ski opportunities as do both Washington and Oregon.

If you are looking for a cheap day trip, Northern and Midwestern states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois) have some sort of skiing. While these states cannot compare to the thrills of Colorado, they are perfect for someone just beginning to ski or for someone taking an impromptu local trip.